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Local SEO Synthesis

Local SEO Synthesis

Free eBook to learn how to maximize your local business

Whether you have a shop, an office, a business or provide an off-site service, you will benefit from reading this little book.

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Those who want to deepen the SEO Marketing topic to maximize their earnings can buy for a few euros SEO Marketing Synthesis

Local SEO Synthesis

Or how to open a window into the digital world to offer your local products and services


Rodolfo Turco

First edition


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The author Rodolfo Turco 5

The Turcotronics company 6

Introduction 7

What is Local SEO 8

So what is Local SEO actually? 8

How to do Local SEO effectively? 8

Advanced methods to implement Local SEO 9

To increase the number of your customers 10

Google My Business 11

What is Google My Business? 11

How do you use Google My Business? 11

Bing Places for Business 15

What is Bing Places for Business? 15

How do you use Bing Places for Business? 15

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The author Rodolfo Turco

He has been working for over 30 years in the IT, electronic, automatic and plant engineering fields, he is the owner of Turcotronics.

Graduated in automatic electronics, specialization in computer science, since his university days in computer engineering he has been involved in teaching, software, hardware, plant engineering and automation, both for some companies and for himself.

Link to Curriculum Vitae

The Turcotronics company

It provides technological services for the home, shop, office and business.

It is oriented towards smaller realities, from domestic users to small businesses, even if it occasionally collaborates with large companies.

Creation of websites, services, courses and internet consultancy, SEO, Marketing.

Software and firmware development on Windows, Linux, Android, Microcontrollers, PLC.

Computers, Mobile Phones, Networks, TV, Audio / Video, Electronics maintenance and assistance.

Home and industrial automation, Home automation, Amazon Alexa®, Google Home®.

Electronic, electrical, hydraulic and thermal systems.

General repairs in the home, office, shop.

Repetitions and courses, technical and scientific subjects.




Cell phones have now become extensions of ourselves and we use the web for everything, this is especially true when it comes to shopping, the first gesture has become “searching” on the net.

In the digital age, even the local shop has an absolute need to make its presence felt in the internet world; every local reality, if it wants to compete, must first be present on the net, it is there that the customer, especially the occasional one, will go to look for it.

The user will find if there is what he needs nearby, where it is exactly, at what times it is open, what products and services it offers, the reviews given by other users and many other information that will lead him to decide whether to go. there to buy or not.

It goes without saying that if you are not online, for many you simply do not exist, you have lost a large chunk of customers.

Being visible in every smartphone and computer also allows you to expand your potential clientele beyond the limits of local residents; due to the trivial geometric consideration that the area is proportional to the square of the radius, the number of people that can be reached, and by which you can be reached, is far greater than those in your area.

If you are not adequately present on the internet, and few people come to buy from you, do you understand now why?

This guide, being concentrated, should be read slowly and thoughtfully, reflect on each sentence and expand it in your mind thinking about the applicability in your specific case; I hope this synthesis work can help you.

Enjoy the reading,

Rodolfo Turco

What is Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization allows the effective presence of one's local reality in that global environment of knowledge such as the web.

Once you have entered the network, in addition to making yourself clearly more visible locally, if you want, you can also think of extending your supply of products and services beyond the usual borders: to the city, the province, the region, the state, and why no, to the whole world.

So what is Local SEO actually?

It allows positioning on the internet in order to allow users more or less close to you to reach you, this guide will allow you to be present in the map of your city.

Optimizing your web presence is particularly important in this period of global crisis of 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 virus, doing local and global marketing allows you to compensate for those losses due to limited physical mobility.

How to do Local SEO effectively?

There are different techniques to achieve the purpose, whatever type of business you have, shop, studio, business, company, services, in order to locate your location you have to make yourself available on the mobile phones of your potential customers, you need to improve your positioning on the web so that local business search may lead the user to you.

This also applies if you don't have a physical location but provide services in a certain area.

The various local marketing techniques would allow further visibility, customer reviews are important for this, people always look for opinions in order to make good purchases, so the opinion of others is very important.

This text will describe you the details to increase your visibility and be so present to those who are looking for your products and services, this is the winning strategy of modern times, shorten the distances by reporting your position to those who are nearby or you can easily approach.

The criteria of Relevance, Distance and Evidence have been reported by Google itself in order to improve its results.

If you have a website, it is useful to insert an embedded map, the visual representation is a powerful means of communication and allows you to quickly reach the desired goal.

Relevant external links to their sites are important, they can be provided by the sites of suppliers, collaborators, services called directories specialized in finding local activities, sources related to your field.

Another powerful medium is represented by social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and the like, people like to socialize through these means and can therefore be used to make themselves known.

Having your own site is now essential even for small businesses, and it is also very useful to provide an information medium such as a Blog to insert your advice, offers, explanations of use and anything else that can be useful to your customers, this provides a appreciated added value and therefore leads to the affection of acquired customers and to find new ones.

The tools provided by the main search engines such as "Google My Business" and "Bing Places for Business" represent a turning point in the user experience by allowing you to find the NAP, Name, Address and Telephone number of the services you need.

Advanced methods to implement Local SEO

There are more technical ways to help search engines help you, such as ad hoc structured data on your sites, and a whole host of tricks and optimizations.

For those who want to deepen the SEO Marketing topics, in order to maximize the performance of their business on the web, I remember my book "Synthesis SEO Marketing", which can be purchased at a ridiculously low price from the site Marketing Synthesis - Turcotronics.php

or from Google Play Books, Amazon Books, Apple Books and all major online eBooks stores; the book is available in Italian and English.

To increase the number of your customers to increase customers.php

Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a Google tool to show the location of your local business on Maps together with all the information to be provided to the user in order to be able to physically reach you if you have an office or with traditional means of communication.

To this basic function it adds a series of other marketing and cognitive features to improve your relationship with potential customers and those already acquired.

How do you use Google My Business?

First you need to register on the site, you will be asked for your email and basic information, the procedure may include sending a postcard to verify the physical address of the business, in this case the times are longer, on average it takes two weeks for approval.

The initial phase of activating the service and introducing basic information is the most delicate and time-consuming one, after this initial obstacle you can easily manage the tool by entering the Google My Business site for your language, which takes place automatically, and thus controlling the dynamic part of the information according to the use you want to make of it and according to the characteristics of your business.

Once inside the Dashboard it is possible to add or modify information and do a whole series of useful operations, let's see them one by one.

On the Home page you have a snapshot of performance and you can perform the most common operations but, for more detailed management, it is convenient to go to the individual menu items displayed on your left.

From Post you can add offers, events regarding your business and products, this is useful for informing the public about the business dynamics.

The Information tab is the most important of the site and collects all the salient data, the type of business, the physical address, the areas covered by the service, the opening hours, the telephone number, your website, the products and services you provide, a detailed description of your reality and the photos to view.

On the Statistics page you will find a description of how and where users are looking for you, the actions taken, the calls and the interaction with the photos; all this is useful to understand what the customer wants and consequently what we must do to make him happy.

In Reviews you can see the feedback released, the tips are always useful to improve and are a powerful tool to attract other people.

Messages must be managed with the App, to view them, answer questions and quickly provide assistance to your customers.

On Photos you can manage videos, photos and 360-degree pan, both yours and your customers. The image has a great communicative value and should not be underestimated.

Products allows you to have your own online showcase for anything you want to highlight.

The Services provide a list of what you offer, this allows you to see at a glance if you offer what you are looking for.

The Users item manages who can modify the data of your company card.

Create an ad allows you to use the Google advertising channel.

While with Create a Gmail account you can have the classic Google tools but from a professional perspective, if you want to use them I suggest you follow the link of mine Google Workspace Referral Program

From Manage offices you have control of each of your physical sites or areas of intervention.

You can connect with other other Google products, such as AdWords or Merchant Center, through linked accounts.

Finally Settings allows the customization of many aspects related to Google My Business.

Remember to download the My Business App from the Google Play Store to have everything under control even from your smartphone: My affiliation to Google Play store

Bing Places for Business

What is Bing Places for Business?

Bing Places for Business is a free Microsoft service that allows you to manage your business listing on Bing Search and Maps.

More rustic than the Google equivalent, it still allows you to have all the basic information about your business present in the Bing search engine and its map.

The approval procedure is simple and fast, of course you have to pay attention in this first phase to avoid gross errors, by entering an account preferably Microsoft and entering all the data correctly; if you want you can implement a synchronization with Google My Business but I do not recommend it to avoid future incompatibilities due to the differentiation of the two services, even if currently similar.

How do you use Bing Places for Business?

The data entry procedure is guided, just put them item by item and proceed with the approval of the service, which takes place via email and is therefore hasty.
Start from the link

From the tab you will also be able to access the Microsoft advertising service.
Other offices can be easily added by entering the data specific to them.
Remember to download the Bing places for business App for mobile management: My affiliation to Google Play store


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Affiliation Commercial collaboration for the proposal of products and services

App Software application on mobile

Blog Site of informative articles on a specific topic

Dashboard Control panel

Directory Folder: site that lists activities

Domotic Home automation

eBook Electronic book readable on mobile phones, computers and ad hoc devices

Feedback Retroactive effect of a message or action

Funnel Technique to bring customers to your business

Hosting Service that hosts the data of your website

NAP Name Address Phone

Post Article, review

Referral Commercial collaboration for the proposal of products and services

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Structured data Information that describes the structure of something (person, video, organization, ...)

Web Network of connections

Download Local SEO Synthesis in pdf format for computers

Download Local SEO Synthesis in epub format for smartphones
You can read it with any eBook App, for example FBReader

Those who want to deepen the SEO Marketing topic to maximize their earnings can buy for a few euros SEO Marketing Synthesis


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